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Even though it’s already 1pm, it still feels like morning to me probably because I’m currently still nestled in my bed. [But don’t worry mom, I did get up and have breakfast!]

This morning was slow, easy, and let’s be honest: needed. Sometimes we need to unwind and slowly process through thoughts as the rain gently taps against your window and the thunder rumbles in the distance. That’s been my morning. Interspersed with yogurt and a bagel, conversation with housemates about how every single person each of us know went to the same concert last night, time with Jesus, and a phone call that makes far away friends seem near.

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Roots, Wings, and Nashville.

If you’ve been around me for any given amount of time and had to listen to me try and process life, you’ve probably heard me talk about my desire for roots and wings. Let’s be real: it’s a pretty frequent conversation if you are even remotely privy to my inner dialogue regarding, well, everything.

And in the past few post-college years, I’ve been leaning more towards that “wings” portion of the equation. I mean, I graduated college, spent the summer as a nanny for 7 wonderful kids, and then packed my bags and moved to India. Yeah, India. And by myself, too. Sometimes I have to remind myself that was real.

But now, I’ve landed in Nashville. I’ve been here almost a year and a half and I am so acutely aware that this life that I’m living right now is the one I have been asking for. You see, I had desired something that didn’t have an end date. And now I have one.

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I’m grateful for those friends who will pick-up with less than 24 hours notice, usually much less, and embark on adventure with me. Even more precious, are the ones who also initiate that adventure themselves. I’ve been blessed to have one of those here in Nashville (now that she’s back from gallivanting all over Europe).

While we may spend more time adventuring when we could possibly be doing other things, there really is nothing like hopping in the car, windows down, music up, and no particular destination, just a general idea of what we hope to find. Sometimes we know where we are trying to get, but in the end, the destination is always simple: adventure.

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